Let’s face it, no matter what the latest technology forecasters say, email is still numero uno when it comes to business communications. Despite email’s indispensability in business operations, it’s not always a smooth or efficient way to communicate.

For example, most email platforms don’t make it easy to share emails with team members or delegate emails as tasks to your coworkers. Once you forward an email it goes into a black hole where the status of it remains unknown.

Gmail is becoming an increasingly popular email platform for businesses and entrepreneurs, but even Gmail has features that aren’t optimized for business communication. Creating email templates is doable, but why can’t you then make those templates automatically available to your team members?

Now I want you to imagine an email service that takes away both of these pain points, and is optimized for entrepreneurs and business owners.

Meet Hiver.

Hiver is a Gmail extension that’s making Gmail a powerful tool for entrepreneurs and small business owners to manage their teams.

As an extension to Gmail, Hiver runs perfectly in sync with the Gmail platform, making your experience even smoother and adding new tools and features to boost your productivity in the inbox. After all, the goal is keep email organized and delegated, and spend as little time as possible doing so.

The Benefits

Hiver has several main features that make your inbox experience smoother and more efficient. Here are the big 7.

  1. Shared Labels – the Shared Labels feature lets you quickly create custom labels for emails, and then share all emails with that label to the contacts you select. When you share a label with someone, emails with those labels automatically populate in that users inbox, under the same label. When any team member replies to that email, the response is visible to all the shared users. Pretty cool, no?
  1. Shared Labels + Filters – you can use Shared Labels in conjunction with Filters to automatically label and share emails as they come in. For example, all emails to or from specific email addresses can automatically get assigned particular labels, and thereby also automatically get shared with all the contacts assigned that label.
  1. Assign Tasks – using the Shared Labels feature, you can quickly and easily assign an email as a task to any team member. By making the Shared Label “Task: Bob”, for example, you can create a label for assigning tasks to a team member. When setting this up you can select to notify that user of new emails with that label, so now they get the emails assigned as tasks to them, and get notified every time there is something new. This is a very streamlined way to assign tasks and to keep track of the tasks you’ve assigned.
  1. Collision Alerts – do you hate when two people respond to a group email at exactly the same time? It’s as if space and time have conspired against you, and now you have 2 new problems: redundancy and embarrassment. The Collision Alerts feature works with the Shared Labels to tell any user when someone is responding to a group email. It will display caution text that says something like “Bob is responding”, thus saving you both embarrassment, redundancy, and most importantly, time.
  1. Shared Notes – this feature allows users to make notes on shared emails, which are then visible to all the team members assigned that label. The Shared Notes help keep everyone on the same page and aid in communication, project management, and delegation. You can also easily add private notes to emails to give yourself reminders about what needs done with any particular message.
  1. Email Templates – the Email Templates feature allows you to not only create various email templates, but also share them with team members. When writing a new email, any of your team members can quickly select a shared template to auto-generate the message. This can help team members be consistent and save time.
  1. Shared Contacts – do you find sharing contacts a little clunky? Not anymore. The Shared Contacts feature allows you to share a contact, or a group of contacts, with team members you select. These contacts will then automatically be visible to them; it’s that simple.

That’s 7 ways that Hiver can make your Gmail experience more efficient, and make Gmail a powerful tool for managing teams and running businesses.

Next Steps

To check out Hiver and give it a free test run, just use this link. It’s quick and easy to get set up.

Once you’ve tried it, leave me a comment and let me know how it’s boosting your productivity. I’m confident you’ll find it as insanely useful as I have.