Check out my latest guest post on Dumb Little Man titled How to 10X Your Productivity by Playing Pokemon Go.

If you’re curious how Pokemon can dramatically increase (no, that’s not a typo) your productivity, check it out. I dive into goal making, rewarding small wins, and creating a framework to reward yourself for your goals and boost your productivity by as much as 10X.

The table I describe in the article helps you plan your goals by dividing them into small chunks and assigning rewards to each milestone. Here is an example of what a Goal & Reward Planning Table will look like:

Pokemon Go Goal & Reward Table












This framework allows you to identify a large goal, break it into small chunks, and assign rewards for yourself at each milestone. The result is a reward system which works much in the same way as that in Pokemon Go but now you’re accomplishing your real goals.

For more info head over to Dumb Little Man and if you’re ambitious grab the Goal & Reward Planning Worksheet to start catching your next goal.

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